At Ion Scientific, providing access to Covid testing sites in our local communities is our top priority.  That is why we partner with the most innovative and resourceful CLIA certified laboratories in local markets.  We understand the frustration of not knowing where to go to get a result in a timely manner.  Whether you are trying to catch a flight or go visit a family member, having a reliable service with guaranteed results within 24 hours or less is important.


Our service is quick, efficient, and affordable.  You can visit us online to schedule an appointment in the local market near you.  Our online portal allows you to register and book an appointment convenient for you.  Pay when you register or pay when you arrive.  After you’ve completed your appointment, you will receive your results via a HIPAA compliant portal from one of our local CLIA certified lab partners within 24 hours.  Documents necessary for international travel is available upon request with an additional charge.


Ion Scientific is your source for Covid testing.  Book an Appointment today.