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Ion Scientific was founded in early 2021 to help address the lack of access to simple testing and results in a timely manner. This inefficiency was highlighted during the pandemic of COVID-19 in our healthcare system and Ion Scientific came together to provide access to local pharmacies via point-of-care testing. Our services also provide the tools for an online scheduling and payment portal, expansive marketing capabilities and partnerships with local independent pharmacies acting as collection sites.


The pandemic spurred the importance of convenient locations for the everyday person and international traveler to receive their PCR test result documents for travel. With that need in mind, Ion Scientific established testing sites to meet this need and over the course of the year, our clients conducted over 15,000 PCR tests who found their local testing sites through organic and SEO marketing. 


Ion Scientific has developed a cloud-based software application (Ion Results) that automates same-day Point of Care test results for patients.  It also auto populates patient information through a scheduling system, eliminating on-site administrative duties and improves workflow and standard operating procedures.


We know it’s not just about offering services and products in your pharmacy.  Patients and customers need to find you!  We provide your pharmacy with a digital web presence with target local SEO marketing so patients and customers can locate you in their communities. Request a Demo to find out more!


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